BSE air conditioning has just installed several new Daikin R32 air conditioning units into the offices of a Dublin pharmaceutical company. The feedback from the client was very positive and there are now plans to upgrade all their older air conditioning units and go straight to R32. 

 I was impressed by the small quantity of refrigerant charge compared to the R410A units, very low noise levels and the compact “cool” design of the indoor units. With R410A being flagged to be phased out it only makes sense to promote and install R32 systems now. R32 is certainly taking the “heat” off R410A.

If you are looking at any refurbishment projects or just upgrading your current air conditioning and you’re interested in the new R32 air conditioning units I would be happy to help you make the right choice. Contact BSE Ltd on 01 6016434. You can email me at or just visit our website at . I look forward to talking to you.