As temperatures start to drop, you should check your glycol levels.

Your water chiller and dry cooler systems can suffer serious damage when exposed to freezing ambient conditions.

Now is the time to have your chilled water system and dry coolers checked for the correct concentration of glycol antifreeze. The correct levels of glycol will protect your equipment from damage from low-ambient temperatures, eliminate downtime and protect your investment from catastrophic failure. 

Glycol can slightly reduce the performance of chillers and dry coolers so it’s important that the correct amount of glycol is in the system. It is important to have the correct amount of glycol in the system so that the efficiency loses are as low as possible while at the same time getting the benefits from it.

There are a few different types of glycol on the market and we can best advise you which one is best for your application. Glycol mixed in water without any corrosion inhibitors is more corrosive and aggressive than water alone. We can also advise you on the type of inhibitors that must be used in conjunction all glycol products.

BSE Air Conditioning will check your system, report on our findings, make recommendations and fill your system to the correct levels of glycol and inhibitors.

Contact BSE Air Conditioning today to have your systems glycol and inhibitor levels checked before it’s too late!

Our engineers and technicians have over thirty years’ experience installing, serving and maintaining water chillers and dry coolers.

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